Aptany RW312 Tyres Available in Denton

Aptany RW312



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The RW312 is a safe and economical winter tire from the manufacturer Aptany. It has an asymmetrical tread pattern that promotes comfort and quietness. The contact patch includes multiple micro-grooves that increases traction in all conditions, increasing safety in the harshest winter weather conditions. Its tread was designed with 3 wide longitudinal grooves to facilitate the evacuation of water, snow and slush. The combination of its asymmetrical tread pattern and the flexible rubber compound allows the RW312 to offer excellent traction as well as reduced braking distances. It is available in a wide selection of standard sizes and available in Q and S speed ratings.

Tyre Size Fully Fitted Price
Size 16 Tyres
Aptany RW312 215/70R16 100QQ